How to spot the diplomatic symbol in your country’s flag

It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you open your mail.“The diplomatic symbol, or CDS, is a stylised design representing Australia and the Commonwealth,” says the AFR’s Kate Tappan.“It looks like a cross between a cross and a heart, and it’s usually placed in a small box next to the name of the country.”The cross symbolises the Commonwealth and the […]

What’s in a name? It’s all in the ‘Diplomacy’

The Associated Press reported Sunday that the White House has named a new ambassador to Argentina for the Trump administration, a move that will likely anger critics who fear the country’s leaders will undermine U.S. relations with Buenos Aires.The White House said the name of the new ambassador, David R. Guggenheim, was announced Sunday.Gogginheim, a retired U.N. ambassador, has served […]

How to be a successful ambassador to India

India has become the world’s third-largest gunboat, but its diplomatic clout has not been matched by its military might.India is one of the world, if not the world most powerful gunboat states, but has only a handful of powerful warships, and no naval forces capable of striking back at Chinese and Indian rivals.India’s ambassador to China, Gauri Narasimhan, has said […]

China’s strategy for managing conflict in the South China Sea has been revealed

China has been quietly working out its strategy for dealing with rival claimants in the sea that are increasingly frustrated by Beijing’s actions in the region, according to a report by the South Asia Center at the University of Chicago. The report, which is based on interviews with experts and analysts, reveals that China’s regional strategy has been under review since […]

How to make floral diplomacy more effective?

I had always been a flower person.I love the way flowers smell and how they smell.My favorite flower is a white rose.When I first started growing plants, I grew in my garage, on the side of my house, in a pot on my porch.The smell was amazing, but I never really got into the actual flower.In high school, I spent […]

Putin says he won’t negotiate with Trump over Iran deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he will not negotiate with President Donald Trump over the Iran nuclear deal.Speaking to journalists at the end of a state visit to China on Wednesday, Putin said that Trump’s “attempt to renegotiate the agreement and to seek a better deal on the sanctions regime, with which we have a common enemy, is […]

Which sports diplomacy and strategy maps do you want to make?

The Times Of India has revealed that its latest Sports diplomacy and Strategy map maker is to be launched soon.The interactive game, which uses interactive charts and graphics, has been available in beta for several months.It is to launch with over a hundred sports and sports-related games, a sports app and more than 20 interactive maps.The new app is to […]

Why does Graffiti diplomacy work?

Graffiti is a type of graffiti, a piece of art that can be created on a wall or other surface to display messages and slogans.It is an easy way to communicate and engage with the public, and a valuable way of spreading messages.Graffiti can be used for political propaganda or as an expression of anger and resentment, especially in countries […]

The world is in the midst of a war on words

An interactive map of how much money people are willing to pay for diplomatic phrases has been created by a Twitter user.The map, which has been dubbed ‘money diplomacy’, shows the top 50 phrases used in diplomacy, and has been curated by Twitter user @theshakespeareandmildred (@theshadakespeareandmundred) on the social media platform.Here are the top 25:The tweet was tweeted by @takeshakespeare, […]


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