How to avoid a ‘coronavirus pandemic’

A deadly coronavirus outbreak in Europe has exposed a vulnerability to the spread of the virus, experts say.They say the only way to stop it is to keep tabs on the number of new cases and spread of other coronaviruses.Here’s how to stay safe in a world that is suddenly so fast-moving.“Coronavirussin can cause the most serious complications, especially in […]

When the US dollar finally hits parity

A year ago, the US was trading with an average of around 5.3 per cent of the world’s total reserve currency.Now, it’s trading at about 2.9 per cent.The world is finally starting to feel like a nation again, with some signs that the US is finally moving into its new, balanced relationship with the world.The US dollar has been trading […]

Why you should never trust a gunboat diplomacy

Diplomatic skills are important, and diplomacy is an incredibly useful skill to have, but there are times when you might want to avoid the pitfalls of gunboat diplomatic.The Gunboat Diplomacy skill is a great skill to be used in situations where you have a gun on your ship and you can’t get your hand on a weapon.There are a few […]

How to answer the question, “How do we negotiate with China?”

As the U.S. prepares to release its latest climate change action plan this week, there’s a question on everyone’s mind: How do we leverage economic diplomacy to negotiate with Beijing?In the past, the answer has been “just be diplomatic,” as President Donald Trump famously put it.But with China’s economic growth spiking to a record pace, the world is learning how […]

What is shadow diplomacy? – By Paul Kennedy

VETERAN diplomats have to use a “vast” range of communication channels to communicate their position in the international arena, according to new research.Vet-based communication is an important part of the UN system and a key component of the diplomatic network, but its impact on the outcome of major foreign policy disputes is rarely fully appreciated.The study by a joint team […]

New State Department strategy on Lunar Diplomacy

The New State Department has released a new strategy on Lunar Diplomacy, which aims to improve US foreign policy on the Moon and Mars.The Strategy states:The Moon and the planets are the most promising strategic targets for the United States in the long term, and there are many important opportunities for cooperation and collaboration in the coming decades.The United States and the United Kingdom are […]

How to build a ‘gunship diplomacy’ in Vietnam

From gunboat diplomacy to peace talks, this article on how to build “gunship diplomatic” has been published in Vice News.The idea behind it is to use the “unintended consequences” of war to get the other side to change their policy or take actions that are “more beneficial to the United States.”And this is not just for the war, but for […]


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