The $1.3 billion dollar moral diplomacy in the Middle East

The $1.3 billion dollar moral diplomacy in the Middle East

The US is the world’s biggest buyer of pork, but in the region, the US has also bought billions of dollars of moral diplomacy.

Here’s how that happened.

AP photo/Alaa Al-MarjaniThe US is now the world leader in moral diplomacy, says the Washington Post.

We have now bought more pork in the Muslim world than China, India and Russia combined.

But the US is not alone in its moral diplomacy prowess.

Saudi Arabia has also become the world food exporter, and Saudi Arabia, the largest buyer of US pork, is the only nation to have a bilateral trade deficit with the US in the past decade.

The US has spent $2.7 billion on US pork exports since 2005, and the Saudi Kingdom has spent more than $2 billion on pork.

Saudi pork imports from the US jumped to nearly $5 billion last year.

The Saudi-US bilateral trade in goods reached $5.9 billion last fiscal year, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

The $1 billion dollar price tag is the largest such trade deal in history, but the US pork deal with Saudi Arabia is only the tip of the iceberg.

Since 2005, the Saudis have been the world top buyer of chicken, the world leading producer of pork.

It’s the biggest pork deal in the history of US meat exports.

But Saudi Arabia also imports pork from China, Indonesia and Turkey, and has recently bought millions of dollars worth of pork from Turkey.

In 2017, Turkey imported $7 billion worth of US chicken and pork, according the US Food and Drug Administration.

But while the US and Saudi governments are engaged in the meat trade, the Trump administration is pushing the Saudis to stop the meat export boom and curb US pork consumption.

In his State of the Union address on Wednesday, President Donald Trump vowed to do more to fight the pork trade bubble.

He pledged to renegotiate the deal to make it fairer for US farmers and ranchers and to encourage more pork exports.

“The US will stop buying pork from Saudi Arabia and will also stop buying it from China and Turkey,” Trump said.

“This will help the US farmers.

And that’s really the big win for our country.”


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