Watch hidden diplomacy in Kenya: ‘I was in shock’

Watch hidden diplomacy in Kenya: ‘I was in shock’

Posted June 24, 2018 04:08:33 Kenyans are shocked after they were told that one of the key missions of their embassy was to provide advice and support to the countrys prime minister on the eve of his resignation.

Key points:Kenya has been under political lockdown since President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government announced he would step down in the wake of corruption allegations, including claims of influence peddlingKenya is currently embroiled in a war with Somalia over the southern town of KismayoKenya’s foreign minister says he was in a “state of shock” when he learned of the diplomatic roleThe envoy is a key link in Kenya’s diplomatic networkKenya foreign minister has resigned after it emerged he had been a key diplomatic link for his countrys foreign minister, with the prime minister in a state of shock over his resignationForeign Affairs Minister Mwanza Iweala said he had no knowledge of the role and he was “extremely shocked”.

He was due to travel to New York to meet President Donald Trump.

“I had no idea.

I didn’t even know that there was a diplomat in charge of foreign affairs in Kenya,” Mr Iwealasse said.”

We are very shocked that someone as senior as the foreign minister of Kenya was involved in a political role.”

Iweala has been a vocal critic of President Uhuran Kenyata and the role he played in helping him lead the country through the chaos of the civil war in Somalia.

He told reporters in New York on Thursday he was shocked to learn of the appointment of the diplomat, saying he was surprised and upset.

“Kenya will always remain a country with deep, deep ties to Ethiopia, to Kenya and the people of Ethiopia,” Iwea said.

Mr Iweally said the role would provide the prime minster with “an additional level of advice and advice” and that he would travel to Washington to meet Mr Trump.

Mr Kenyatas resignation has come at a difficult time for Kenya, which is battling a deadly Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 8,000 people since the end of March.

Kenya, which hosts the largest African Union force in the Horn of Africa, is also in the middle of a war between Somalia and Ethiopia, with its capital, Mogadishu, under siege by Islamist militants.

Mr Trump, a billionaire Republican businessman who has praised Mr Kenyati for his leadership during the civil unrest, said on Twitter that he had a “great friendship” with Mr Iwali.

He has promised to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

Iwali has not returned to Kenya since Mr Kenyan’s resignation on Tuesday, but the government has said he is expected to return on Monday.


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