Which lunar diplomatic missions will be launching in 2018?

Which lunar diplomatic missions will be launching in 2018?

The United States and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement to launch a lunar exploration mission in 2018.

The two countries will conduct a lunar orbiter mission in 2021, with the UK taking the lead and launching the first spacecraft in 2022.

The UK will send a spacecraft to the moon in 2024 and a lunar rover in 2025.

The US space agency, NASA, will conduct an orbiter-and-lunar lander mission to the lunar surface in 2024.

The mission will consist of a rover and a lander that will return samples from the surface of the moon.

The rover will conduct extensive science, but the lander will conduct the lunar mission itself.

The United States will launch the first moon rover mission in 2022, with a robotic mission to be completed by 2020.

The lander, launched in 2025, will deliver samples to the Moon for NASA.NASA will launch two robotic lunar landers and one robotic lunar orbiters mission in 2024, and two robotic Lunar Exploration Missions (LEM) in 2025 and 2027.

The lunar missions will include a lunar lander in 2022 and a robotic lander and rover in 2023.NASA plans to send a lunar landing mission in 2029, with three landers on the surface in 2021.

The missions will launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and land on the Moon.

The United Kingdom will launch a robotic lunar mission in 2025 with a landers rover, and the robotic landers will land on another moon moon.

The missions will take place in the early 2020s, with one landing on the lunar moon in 2021 and the other landing on Mars in 2021 for a total of four landing sites.

The robotic landings will land between 2021 and 2023, with each landing taking place in different locations on the moon and Mars.

The landing sites will be located on the far side of the Moon and on the south pole of the red planet.

The Lunar Exploration System, or LES, will send four landers to the surface, three of which will land in lunar orbit, and three will land deep within the surface.

NASA plans to launch two landers in 2022 on a lunar surface mission, and one in 2026 on a rover mission.NASA is currently developing a robotic spacecraft to explore Mars.

A robotic landERV will be launched in 2022 for a one-way trip to Mars.

It will be the second robotic landering mission in a decade.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission will send two lander probes to the Red Planet in 2022 with the landers going to the polar regions and the rovers to the equator.

The rovers will carry out robotic science missions and conduct research.NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer spacecraft will send its first robotic land rover to the Martian surface in 2022 to search for water.

The unmanned spacecraft will be sent to Mars in 2027 to search the Red Mars for water ice.NASA has conducted three lunar landing missions in the past decade, with two of them landing on Earth.

In 2018, NASA’s LEM lander sent back samples from an ice lake on the Red planet, while the rover landed on Mars and returned samples from that lake in 2021.

In 2023 the rover landed on the Martian equator to collect samples for future missions.

In 2024, NASA launched the robotic Mars orbiter rover, the Mars Exploration Rovers Opportunity and Opportunity Mars 2020.

In 2025, the robo-lander returned samples of ice from the Gale Crater.

The second rover, Opportunity, landed on Meridiani Planum, Mars’ moon.NASA also has three lunar land landers.

The 2020 rover landed in 2024 on Meridiano Crater in Meridiani, Meridiani.

The 2021 rover landed with two rovers, Opportunity and Mars 2020, on Meridianus Planum.

NASA sent the robot rover, Spirit, to Meridiani in 2021 with the Spirit landing on Meridiana Planum in 2024.NASA sent a robotic rover to Mars earlier this year.

The vehicle was named Spirit, and it landed on Spirit in 2025.

NASA also sent a rover to Meridiano Planum and sent the rover back to the martian surface.

The first rover returned a sample from Meridiano.NASA had two landings on Mars earlier in the decade.

In 2021, the rover Spirit landed on Gusev Crater near the equatorial margin of Mars and was carried to a lake on Mars, and in 2022 the roboros rover Spirit sent back sample samples from Meridian.

NASA planned to launch Spirit in 2021 to Mars, but delayed the launch because of concerns about the landing site’s surface.

In 2022, NASA announced that the rover Curiosity would return samples for scientific analysis.NASA launched the rover Opportunity in 2020.

It landed on a Meridiani-type crater in 2022, and a Spirit-type landing site in 2028.

In 2019, NASA sent a robo rover, Curiosity, to Mars for the first time.

It returned samples to Earth


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