Why the NFL is doing everything it can to keep football in Latin America

Why the NFL is doing everything it can to keep football in Latin America

The NFL is putting all of its efforts into making sure that football stays in Latin American countries.

But that doesn’t mean it’s done with football in other sports.

In fact, it just hired a new ambassador for sports and entertainment, according to the Associated Press.

That’s the position of David Ehrlich, the former CEO of the National Football League Players Association, and the team announced its hiring of Ehrle.

Ehrlenich joined the NFL in 2012 after leading the league in salary-cap charges, including the signing of players such as running back Trent Richardson and cornerback Morris Claiborne.

He then helped the NFL deal with player welfare issues in the wake of the Concussion Crisis, and was hired as the commissioner of the NFL Players Association in July 2018.

Ehrlich has a history with the NFL and sports in general, as he was a longtime consultant for the NFL during the Concussions Crisis.

In that time, he’s been involved in several initiatives to make the NFL a more equitable, inclusive and transparent organization.

Erslich will serve as the NFL’s first African American ambassador.

He joins the team in the position from May 6.

The move was made to promote diversity in the organization.

Erslich, who will be the first African-American commissioner in the league’s history, also serves as a member of the league office of player engagement.

In addition to Ehrlishe, the team is hiring Mark Ochs, who was hired in September to be the NFLs acting commissioner for football operations.

Och has worked in a variety of roles in the NFL including senior vice president of operations, senior vice presidents of global public affairs and public affairs, and senior vice chairman of the Board of Directors for the Philadelphia Eagles.


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