How to beat a Big Stick: The secret strategies of water diplomacy

How to beat a Big Stick: The secret strategies of water diplomacy

When it comes to dealing with global warming, there’s no better weapon than a big stick.

That’s because water can affect a region’s water supply in ways that can lead to problems like drought and flooding.

Here are three strategies that can help you manage a water crisis and avoid the worst of it. 1.

Plan ahead and be proactive.

A good water plan is essential to surviving and adapting to climate change.

But it can’t come too soon.

“If you don’t prepare and know what you’re going to face, you’re not going to be able to respond,” said Jim Smith, a senior scientist at the Water Resources Institute.

If you have any water infrastructure problems, such as a leaking pipe or a leaky faucet, you might not have enough time to fix them.

So prepare for water shortages by preparing for a crisis by planning ahead and preparing for what might happen if something goes wrong.


Create a plan to reduce the risks.

A well-planned disaster response will help you plan ahead for the worst-case scenario and avoid potential disasters.

“A well-designed plan will ensure that the risks that you face are mitigated and you can recover if something happens,” said Smith.

“It will help the government to reduce risk and increase resilience.”


Consider your water rights and responsibilities.

Water is a right, and it’s your responsibility to protect it.

“The key to water security is to be aware of your rights, what you can and can’t do and how much water you have and how to conserve water,” said Matt Miller, an environmental lawyer at the Center for Biological Diversity.

The Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit news organization covering environmental and energy policy, including water.

Learn more about water and the environment at


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