Israel seeks to boost its diplomatic skills with cyber diplomacy jobs

Israel seeks to boost its diplomatic skills with cyber diplomacy jobs

Israel is looking to hire diplomats for its cyber diplomacy program in the United States, according to an interview with the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC.

In a recent interview with The Jerusalem News, Israeli Embassy spokeswoman Yael Kagan confirmed the hiring of a new assistant director of the program and an assistant to the director, and said Israel would also seek to attract new talent from other countries to serve in its program.

“We want to attract foreign specialists in cybersecurity,” Kagan told The Jerusalem Times.

“We’re very interested in how to improve the programs, particularly our ability to provide training for our ambassadors abroad.”

According to Kagan, Israel wants to “develop a stronger understanding of the needs of our diplomats and their role in our diplomacy.”

“We have a need to recruit more foreign professionals who have a good understanding of what we’re doing, the skills we’re trying to develop in our embassies, and we need to find those people, especially in the field of cybersecurity,” she said.

The Israeli Embassy will also host a forum for U.S. cybersecurity professionals in September to discuss the program, which aims to strengthen Israeli-American ties in a wide range of areas including technology, education, and government.

Israelis can apply for a job through its diplomatic corps, which has about 2,000 registered positions in the U.K., U.A.E., the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates.

Israel will also invite American ambassadors to join its program, but those ambassadors will be required to sign an agreement stating that they will not hold positions in Israel’s embassy or other government institutions.

The embassy, which currently has about 15,000 members in the US, will also seek out more foreign ambassadors and recruit them as well, Kagan said.

Israel is currently in the midst of a two-year program to expand its diplomatic presence in the country, which is now home to about 10,000 American citizens.

The initiative, known as the “Strategic Partnership Initiative,” aims to increase the presence of American and Israeli citizens in the nation.

While the Israeli government has been very supportive of the U,A.A., in the past, some Israeli politicians have questioned whether the Israeli-Palestinian peace process has been a success, which in turn has resulted in a sharp rise in tensions between the two countries.


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