Which characters do you want in the next Runescape?

Which characters do you want in the next Runescape?

The first issue of Runescape: Goblin Diplomacy (out November 21) has just hit the shelves.

It comes with a brand new set of goblin-themed cards.

The first of the set includes the goblin, Zepa, as well as the goblins, Pterrordax, and the goblin captain, Argor.

The other goblins are also included in the set.

The set also includes cards for a goblin captain and the goblins’ goblin envoy.

“The goblins have been a staple in Runescape’s lore and have been integral to the lore since its inception,” said creative director Tim Schafer in a press release.

“With Goblin Diplomacies we’re bringing back some of the most iconic creatures from the original game to be playable in this exciting new set.”

The set features two sets of cards that have previously been exclusive to the game.

The goblin-specific cards are a goblin called the goblin king, and an orc called the orc leader.

The orc-specific goblin cards are called the goblins.

“Zepa’s character was a huge fan favorite, and we’re thrilled to bring her back,” said Runescape Games founder and CEO Tim Schaffer.

“Her character and her role in the world are so iconic, we’re going to be putting her back into the game and making her even more awesome.”

The Goblin King is a new goblin named after a famous goblin from the Runescape universe.

“It’s not a new creature, it’s just the first one we’ve got,” Schafer said.

“We have Zepas brother, Zephas leader, and he’s been around a long time, so we’re excited to give them a little bit of a backstory.”

The Orc Leader is the orc’s counterpart.

“He’s a bit of an old friend of mine, but he’s still got a little of a bit more to give,” said Schafer.

“As the goblin ambassador, we’ll be giving him a little more of a personality to match the goblin leader.”

Goblin Diplomates goblin ambassador in the new set is named Zep.

“What we’re doing is taking the classic mechanics of the original Runescape and doing something completely new,” said Tim Schafer.

“In the Goblin Diplomats set, you get all of the classic elements of the game, plus the exciting new mechanics of goblin diplomacy.”

The goblin ambassador cards are also the first to be released for this new Runescape game.

“This set is the first official card for Goblins that has been exclusive since the launch of the last Runescape set, and it’s been a pleasure to be able to bring this new goblin into the world,” said CEO Tim Schultz.

“Goblins have been in the game since the very beginning, and they have a very strong presence in the goblin world, so this set is a big step in bringing the game to life.”

The sets will be available in retail stores in November.


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