“Dirty diplomacy”: The story behind the leaked US diplomatic memos that revealed the Obama administration’s covert war against Libya

“Dirty diplomacy”: The story behind the leaked US diplomatic memos that revealed the Obama administration’s covert war against Libya

The documents revealed that the Obama White House was deeply involved in the Libyan intervention.

The administration claimed that the intervention was needed to help quell the “terror threat” posed by Libya’s Al Qaeda affiliate.

The White House also made a case for the war based on a number of assumptions, including that the Libyan government was more stable than it had been under Gaddafi, that the Libya-Libya peace deal would help restore stability to Libya, and that the United States and its allies would be better off as a result of the intervention.

These assumptions were all false. 

As the United Nations reported in December, “The Libyan government’s political and military leadership is deeply divided, and the country has been in a civil war since the 2011 uprising.”

The United States’ military operations in Libya, the UN report concluded, “resulted in widespread civilian casualties and serious damage to the economy.”

The documents leaked by WikiLeaks have also revealed that there was an underlying strategy to divide the country along ethnic and sectarian lines, as well as to use the conflict as a pretext for further intervention.

The leaked documents showed that the US and its NATO allies had a strategy for dealing with Libya, called “Dirt War.”

The Dirty War, as it was called, was the name given to a series of covert operations aimed at destabilizing Libya, which would result in the overthrow of the government and the replacement of it with a military government.

This operation was codenamed “Gaddafi’s War.”

According to the leaked documents, the Dirty War began in early 2015 with the “Operation Mockingbird.”

The operation was intended to provoke Libyan opposition forces into an open rebellion against the Libyan regime.

In addition to Operation Mocking Bird, the US also launched an extensive covert campaign against the Gaddafi government, including the assassination of Libyan prime minister Muammar Qaddafi, the kidnapping of Libyan army generals, and a number, including Col. Ahmed Jibril, who was accused of killing Qaddafi.

Throughout the Dirty Wars, the United Kingdom and its British allies conducted extensive bombing raids on Libya, including one which killed Gaddafi’s chief of staff, Muammer Qaddafi’s nephew Muammed Qadhafi.

The United Nations also reported that, in December 2015, the U.S. dropped a “humanitarian” airstrike on the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

The US then launched Operation Odyssey Dawn, an attack on the capital of Benghazi which killed dozens of civilians, including many children.

This attack was described as a response to the bombing raids.

Following the Libyan Civil War, the Obama Administration was intent on “degrading” Libya’s economy and its government.

In March 2017, the State Department approved the sale of arms to the Libyan military for $500 million, in a deal that would allow the US to increase its presence in the country, including sending in US Special Forces.

After the war, the Libyan National Army (LNA) seized power.

The government began to negotiate with the United Arab Emirates, a U.A.E. ally, over a ceasefire, and then, in September, the LNA and the United National Council of the Arab League (UNAMID) signed a ceasefire.

The peace deal was then signed by UNAMID and LNA, and Libya signed a deal with the UN.

Libya is now a member of the UN-sponsored International Syria Support Group, which has been bombing rebel groups in the east of the country.

While the war against the Libya government continues, the administration continues to justify its intervention in Libya by claiming that Libya’s war is necessary to “degrade” the country and “stabilize” Libya.

One of the leaked memos leaked by Wikileaks said that the aim of the war was to “defeat Gaddafi.”

It added, “The US has been involved in Libyan operations for decades, but this is the first time that the war has been directly directed against a country leader.

During the Dirty Operations, US military operations against the Libyans were called “Operation Mongoose,” a reference to the infamous CIA operation Mongoose.

According the leaked memo, the operation was launched to protect the CIA’s “deep pocket” by protecting Libyan assets in the Gulf of Sidra and elsewhere in the Arabian Sea.

The memo further said that this operation was meant to “prevent the rise of a new power in Libya.”

The memo also said that it was also meant to protect US interests in the oil-rich North African country of Tunisia, which is a U,N.

member and has a large Libyan population.

In December 2015 and January 2016, Libya was also attacked by US aircraft.

According to the leak, US Special Operations Forces were deployed to the country to “assist Libyan forces.” 

The leaked memo also revealed the CIA “Operation Blackwater,”


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