The Irish diplomacy, the Irish economy and the economy of Ireland

As the EU seeks to bolster its negotiating stance, it is not enough for its members to maintain the current status quo.

It must also provide greater flexibility to its member states to better facilitate the negotiation process.

This article looks at Ireland’s current approach to EU negotiations, including the possibility of a Brexit, and discusses how Ireland is attempting to manage its negotiating position with its members.

The EU’s diplomatic, economic and security initiatives have helped the Irish Government to maintain a diplomatic and economic relationship with the EU, according to Minister for Foreign Affairs Frances Fitzgerald.

The Dublin Government has also been able to maintain an effective and cohesive diplomatic relationship with our EU partners in the field of trade, security, environment and innovation.

In this context, it must be recognised that there is a role for our EU counterparts to play in our negotiations.

We have always been open to discussions on the potential for Ireland to remain in the EU and to the extent possible, we should be able to continue to have a close relationship with it, Ms Fitzgerald said.

The Irish Government is in discussions with EU institutions and the EU27, she added.

We look forward to working with all our European partners to achieve the common good, Ms Gallagher said.

We look forward as well to further engagement on the political, economic, environmental and social issues that affect our shared future.

We continue to work closely with our European neighbours, including those in the eurozone, to find a sustainable path to achieve our shared goal of a prosperous and integrated future for Ireland.

We also remain committed to the Common Travel Area, Ms Galloway said.

The Government remains committed to working towards a new economic and trade agreement.

It is important that Ireland continues to be part of the European Community, Ms Coveney said.

She noted that this will only happen through a successful negotiation, but it is important to recognise that it is up to us as citizens to shape our future.

It is important for us to have confidence in our European friends, particularly the EU as a whole, and that we remain open to dialogue, she said.

A united Ireland will be an important asset to our economy, the minister said.

We will be stronger together, we will be safer together and we will achieve our common goals.

The government will continue to promote the value of an inclusive society, and work towards achieving a better Ireland, Ms Cooper said.


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