Why Australia can’t ignore the US – and Trump

Why Australia can’t ignore the US – and Trump

It’s the first of three articles about how the US can’t be ignored and how it has a moral responsibility to deal with the Trump administration’s increasingly erratic behaviour.

The first, from The Australian, starts with an interview with the president’s lawyer, Theodore Williams, who says that he’s not going to comment on the details of the case until after the president has been impeached.

But Williams, a former US diplomat, says that Australia “shouldn’t be a bystander” in the Trump-Australia dispute.

“The president is not going there to make deals with us,” Williams told the ABC.

“He’s not doing that.

And the only thing he can do is to make things happen.

So, in my view, the only way Australia should be a party to this is by saying: ‘I don’t think you’re doing enough, but if you don’t do more, then I’ll make things better’.” Williams is referring to Trump’s recent decision to cut the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which Australia is a key player in.

In his interview with The Australian newspaper, Williams says that the TPP would “leave Australia out of a major multilateral trade agreement”.

Trump is “definitely not going anywhere” on TPP, he said.

“What he is doing is, he’s going to make his own decision, and that’s a good thing.”

Australia has repeatedly threatened to cut off its trade with the US, but the US administration has consistently maintained that its relationship with Australia is better than the relationship it has with Japan, South Korea and Mexico.

Australia and the US have a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Australia has been a founding member of the Pacific Rim Free Trade Agreement (PRFTA), which opened the door for other countries to join the group in 2014.

Trump has repeatedly vowed to renegotiate the deal.

Australia was a founding participant in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which was signed in 2015.

It was a major US trade pact with the EU.

It has also signed agreements with Japan and Canada, which are key US allies in the Pacific.

Australia also has a longstanding and close relationship with the European Union (EU), which it joined in 2018.

Trump is set to leave office in 2029, and has been widely criticised for his decision to withdraw from the TPP.

The US, Australia and Canada have been allies since the 1960s, when Australia was the first member of an Allied Powers’ alliance.

But it is a complicated relationship.

For one thing, the US has been pushing the EU to change its approach to trade.

Trump, who took office in January, is also set to be the first US president to meet Vladimir Putin.

“We have very good relations with our European partners,” Williams said.

Williams said that the US and the EU have “been very constructive” and that Trump “has made some good concessions” on issues such as trade and climate change.

“There are some good things he’s done on climate change,” Williams added.

Australia is the only major trading partner of the EU, with the UK and Norway as its biggest trading partners. “

But he has also said that he wants a lot more concessions from the Europeans, and there are some very good things that he is going to be doing on that front.”

Australia is the only major trading partner of the EU, with the UK and Norway as its biggest trading partners.

It is also a key partner in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which the US says is obsolete.

Williams says Trump’s decision to pull out of TPP is “not a sign of weakness” but a sign that “there are areas of common interests that Australia shares with other countries”.

“I think we have to recognise that there are areas where there are very good, mutually beneficial trade deals with the Europeans and with the Americans,” Williams concluded.

Australia is also not the only country to take a hard line on the US.

US President Donald Trump is expected to leave his White House job in 2027, and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been openly critical of Trump.

Turnbull has said that Trump should “stay out of politics”.

“He needs to think long and hard about how to be a strong leader and how to lead the country,” Turnbull told ABC Radio in February.

“And then he needs to know how to respect other countries.

He’s got to know what it takes to lead.”


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