Why Australia can’t ignore the US – and Trump

It’s the first of three articles about how the US can’t be ignored and how it has a moral responsibility to deal with the Trump administration’s increasingly erratic behaviour.The first, from The Australian, starts with an interview with the president’s lawyer, Theodore Williams, who says that he’s not going to comment on the details of the case until after the […]

Which Countries Can Heal A World In Crisis

RTE 1.2.3 is a new edition of the RTE News Magazine which includes a full-color map of the world with a full cover of the Irish flag.The new edition has been designed with the goal of providing readers with the best possible content.“The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive, detailed and comprehensive analysis of the state of […]

How China is building a water diplomacy network in the Caribbean

Chinese state media recently published a story about a consortium of countries building a “water diplomacy” network in South America.According to a transcript, the consortium includes countries from Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.The consortium is aiming to connect the South American nations of Colombia, Peru, and Chile and Mexico to the rest of the world via a […]

China’s strategy for managing conflict in the South China Sea has been revealed

China has been quietly working out its strategy for dealing with rival claimants in the sea that are increasingly frustrated by Beijing’s actions in the region, according to a report by the South Asia Center at the University of Chicago. The report, which is based on interviews with experts and analysts, reveals that China’s regional strategy has been under review since […]

How to understand Cotton’s foreign policy strategy

A foreign policy expert says Cotton’s campaign to redefine the term “nation building” was a misstep that’s backfiring.In a column for Foreign Policy magazine on Thursday, the retired Army lieutenant general, who served in the Carter administration, said Cotton’s new campaign to characterize Iran as a “nation builder” was “not only wrong, it’s dangerous.”“The Obama administration has made clear that […]

How to Get Into Diplomacy Play Review (3:40)

This article contains spoilers for the episode “Diplomacy Play” in which the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations discusses his feelings about the recent vote on sanctions on Russia and the European Union, and the diplomatic fallout.If you don’t want to know what’s going on, don’t watch.The ambassador, Roberta Jacobson, is a veteran of the U (American) administration.She also spent […]

The Next Great D&D Game – “The Dark One”

The next great D&d game will be called The Dark One, and it will have an RPG component to it.D&DS was born out of a game jam in 1995, but its roots go back to 1993’s Dragon Quest.Dragon Quest II introduced a “game world” and its player was able to travel through that world.Dragonquest III introduced the idea of a […]

Why Australia should avoid the ‘floral diplomatic’ meme

The Australian government is in the midst of a cultural backlash against the term “floral diplomat”, which some argue is a term of abuse used by conservatives to describe conservative Australians.In a new piece in the Melbourne Institute, the Australian Social Trends Institute’s Julia Soper says the term is an “attack on the very fabric of our democracy and our […]


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