How to be a citizen ambassador in Australia

The process of becoming a citizen Ambassador to the United Nations is a relatively new one, but Australia is currently a founding member of the Council of Foreign Ministers, and it has already been an international success.The first Australian ambassador to the UN was the late Christopher Stokes in the 1950s.He served as the country’s ambassador from 1963 to 1967 […]

How to make floral diplomacy more effective?

I had always been a flower person.I love the way flowers smell and how they smell.My favorite flower is a white rose.When I first started growing plants, I grew in my garage, on the side of my house, in a pot on my porch.The smell was amazing, but I never really got into the actual flower.In high school, I spent […]

The world is in the midst of a war on words

An interactive map of how much money people are willing to pay for diplomatic phrases has been created by a Twitter user.The map, which has been dubbed ‘money diplomacy’, shows the top 50 phrases used in diplomacy, and has been curated by Twitter user @theshakespeareandmildred (@theshadakespeareandmundred) on the social media platform.Here are the top 25:The tweet was tweeted by @takeshakespeare, […]

A political diplomacy definition

Political diplomacy is a term coined by a Chinese scholar who has devoted a significant portion of his academic career to the theory of political diplomacy.He describes the process by which foreign governments seek to influence a country’s policies.In order to do so, they will often try to influence the behavior of one of the country’s top leaders, or the […]

Germany: De-Bonding Foreign Aid to Germany’s Economy

DEBONDING FORGOT TO DEBOUNCE THE DEBT Trap: Germany’s economy is facing the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.The IMF says that the country needs to borrow an additional $1.5 trillion by 2020.That would mean that by the end of this decade, Germany will be spending $17,000 a person on its economy.So how can we help?The answer is in a new […]

Diplomacy 2020: Women in Diplomacy masters

With a focus on women in the diplomatic corps, MSNBC has brought on three experts to cover the 2020 elections.The first panelists will be:Amy Baskin, professor of international relations at Cornell University and author of The Power of Women in International Politics, who will discuss how women’s roles in international politics have evolved over the past several decades.The second panelists […]

How to tell if a Chinese pandemic is a pandemic

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Jack Falahee has been forced to step down from his role as the international pandemic envoy, and will now take up the role of acting director of the World Health Organization (WHO).Falahee is not the only senior Chinese official to have had a run-in with the pandemic. In October, Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli was forced to resign […]


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