A Brief History of Political Diplomacy

The film that brought a small but vocal minority of Americans into the world’s largest democracy to discuss their foreign policy goals and grievances was a success: It gave President Barack Obama a chance to address Americans about his own history of war and occupation, his record of failing to engage in a comprehensive and lasting peace deal, and his […]

How to identify the best diplomatic talent in the world

Foreign Affairs is reporting on the latest in global diplomacy: the goblin diplomacy.As you may have guessed, it’s not the first time the term has come up.Goblins are not the best diplomats, as the name suggests.They are rather clever and clever, and have developed some pretty good skills over the years.They may not be experts in everything, but they know […]

How to keep pork diplomacy alive in the US – RTE

The US State Department’s efforts to push for an extension of US pork diplomacy to the rest of the world have been thwarted by the US Congress.Speaking in New York last week, State Department spokesperson Marie Harf told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that she had not been given any advice from her US counterpart on the extension of the […]

U.S. Diplomacy &Co. teaches diplomacy &Co.: China &Co., China &c. teach us what diplomacy is

A new video from the U. S. Department of State’s International Education and Cultural Exchange (IECE) program titled U.s.Diplomatic &Co, China &co.teach me what diplomacy means is being posted online.The video is meant to teach people in the United States that diplomacy is not just about making friends but about building bridges and connecting people.It is the first video that […]

How to Get Out of a Dangerous Diplomacy Internship – MTV News

The United States has a complicated history of hiring foreign workers, often to do jobs that Americans don’t want to do.Since the 1980s, the Obama administration has relied on people from overseas to do high-level diplomacy in foreign capitals, and has used that hiring to push back against China and Russia.But the U.S. has not always been a welcoming place […]

How to build a ‘gunship diplomacy’ in Vietnam

From gunboat diplomacy to peace talks, this article on how to build “gunship diplomatic” has been published in Vice News.The idea behind it is to use the “unintended consequences” of war to get the other side to change their policy or take actions that are “more beneficial to the United States.”And this is not just for the war, but for […]

How to keep track of the news on diplomacy in 2018

The next four years are going to be a big year for American diplomacy.The Trump administration is looking for a partner for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.The Russian-American relations are at a new low.And the United States and China are trying to push through a landmark trade agreement that has become a flashpoint in international diplomacy.Diplomacy for Science aims to […]


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