Which Countries Can Heal A World In Crisis

RTE 1.2.3 is a new edition of the RTE News Magazine which includes a full-color map of the world with a full cover of the Irish flag.The new edition has been designed with the goal of providing readers with the best possible content.“The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive, detailed and comprehensive analysis of the state of […]

How to be a citizen ambassador in Australia

The process of becoming a citizen Ambassador to the United Nations is a relatively new one, but Australia is currently a founding member of the Council of Foreign Ministers, and it has already been an international success.The first Australian ambassador to the UN was the late Christopher Stokes in the 1950s.He served as the country’s ambassador from 1963 to 1967 […]

Which are the world’s best female diplomats?

The United States is a world leader in diplomatic achievements, but it’s not without its fair share of female diplomats.In fact, according to the most recent data, women are the third largest number of diplomatic staff.This number has not budged for decades, however, as the number of female diplomatic staff in the United States has fallen steadily in recent decades.This […]

The Irish diplomacy, the Irish economy and the economy of Ireland

As the EU seeks to bolster its negotiating stance, it is not enough for its members to maintain the current status quo.It must also provide greater flexibility to its member states to better facilitate the negotiation process.This article looks at Ireland’s current approach to EU negotiations, including the possibility of a Brexit, and discusses how Ireland is attempting to manage […]

What is a Backstabber Diplomacy Map maker?

When I first learned about backstabber diplomatic maps, I was a little concerned.I thought that they could be a bit clunky to create and it seemed that it might be hard to create a map that was both clear and accurate.Well, it turns out that they are actually quite easy to create, and they are just as accurate and useful.They […]

How China is building a water diplomacy network in the Caribbean

Chinese state media recently published a story about a consortium of countries building a “water diplomacy” network in South America.According to a transcript, the consortium includes countries from Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.The consortium is aiming to connect the South American nations of Colombia, Peru, and Chile and Mexico to the rest of the world via a […]

What makes a moral diplomacy message worthwhile?

This is a topic that has been discussed extensively by scholars in recent years.This year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, Tariq Ali, has advocated for moral diplomacy in Syria.But, in a recent interview with the Washington Post, Ali described a moral diplomatic message as “a very important message” that has to be heard, in order to be effective.He argued that moral […]

How to spot the diplomatic symbol in your country’s flag

It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you open your mail.“The diplomatic symbol, or CDS, is a stylised design representing Australia and the Commonwealth,” says the AFR’s Kate Tappan.“It looks like a cross between a cross and a heart, and it’s usually placed in a small box next to the name of the country.”The cross symbolises the Commonwealth and the […]

What’s in a name? It’s all in the ‘Diplomacy’

The Associated Press reported Sunday that the White House has named a new ambassador to Argentina for the Trump administration, a move that will likely anger critics who fear the country’s leaders will undermine U.S. relations with Buenos Aires.The White House said the name of the new ambassador, David R. Guggenheim, was announced Sunday.Gogginheim, a retired U.N. ambassador, has served […]

How to be a successful ambassador to India

India has become the world’s third-largest gunboat, but its diplomatic clout has not been matched by its military might.India is one of the world, if not the world most powerful gunboat states, but has only a handful of powerful warships, and no naval forces capable of striking back at Chinese and Indian rivals.India’s ambassador to China, Gauri Narasimhan, has said […]


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