Which department is the most influential?

The U.S. Department of State has been in the news lately for a number of issues, but one of the most notable recent events has been its handling of the refugee crisis in Syria.The Trump administration has said it will suspend all refugee admissions and deport refugees, but the U.N. refugee agency says it has received thousands of applications for […]

‘I don’t want to live in fear’: Former Ambassador John Adams defends Trump’s travel ban

Former Ambassador to Brazil John Adams, a key ally of the Trump administration during the 2016 election campaign, has blasted the president’s travel bans as “unconstitutional.”“The president is making a political statement and I don’t know how to interpret that,” Adams said in an interview with NBC News’ Kasie Hunt.“If you’re going to take away people’s constitutional rights and deprive […]

What you need to know about the new German diplomacy initiative

In Germany, the new diplomatic initiative, which was announced on Monday, will provide Germany with the most powerful weapons against Iran, China and Russia, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said.It will also allow the German government to keep its existing economic and military support for Nato and other European security and defence organisations, including Britain and France. The initiative, launched […]

How to make a goblin diplomatic alliance

The best way to create a goblin alliance is to make it a real one.“It’s very hard to create real-world alliances without making them a goblin,” said Dr. Michael T. Miller, a political scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles.“They have a very special way of seeing the world.”A goblin diplomat can also work well in a guild.If a […]

Why China’s pork diplomacy is getting a lot of attention

In China, you’ll rarely see a diplomatic panda, let alone one of the giant pandas.But when it comes to pandas, there’s a lot going on.Chinese state media is taking aim at Canada, New Zealand and Australia.The article goes on to highlight how China is working on its pandas’ protection.“We have the most aggressive policy on protecting the pandas and in […]

When India’s gunboat fleet was ‘gunboat diplomacy’

When India launched its ‘gunship diplomacy’ to help China solve its maritime disputes with Vietnam and the Philippines, it was hailed as a bold move that would make China less dependent on the US and would bring India closer to its strategic allies.But India’s foreign minister is now saying the US-led gunboat diplomatic program may have backfired, and may even […]

How to Get Out of a Dangerous Diplomacy Internship – MTV News

The United States has a complicated history of hiring foreign workers, often to do jobs that Americans don’t want to do.Since the 1980s, the Obama administration has relied on people from overseas to do high-level diplomacy in foreign capitals, and has used that hiring to push back against China and Russia.But the U.S. has not always been a welcoming place […]

Australian dollar diplomacy: A strategic review

A strategic view of how to move Australia’s dollar policy in the new era of globalisation article A new currency is coming to an Australian trading partner and is being used to finance the transition from the dollar to the euro and other currencies.It is the first step on the path to a new world order.In this article, we look […]

Debts Trap: How to Deal with a Debt Trap

In this installment of Debt Trap, we’ll look at how to deal with a debt trap that may appear on the horizon and how to manage it if it does.Read moreWhat is a Debt trap?What are the problems of a debt free society?In a debt-free society, debts are eliminated without a default or a default on the debt.But that does […]


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