How to use social media to influence global conflict and influence elections

By now, you probably know that social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to influence the course of global politics.However, social media can be also be used to influence elections.In fact, social engineering is becoming so important that social scientists are calling it “political propaganda”.The question is: what can you do with social media that […]

How to tell when a vaccine diplomacy is real

When a vaccine-related story hits the front page of The Verge, it’s a good sign for a vaccine, especially if it’s based on credible science.This is because vaccines are a real threat, and vaccines are used around the world to prevent and treat outbreaks of disease.And vaccines can help save lives.But what is real diplomacy when it comes to vaccines?We […]

Petro diplomacy: Petro deals with a big global oil problem

Petro-Petro diplomacy is back, but with a new focus on the Middle East.In a paper published in The Diplomat, the group of global power brokers discusses the risks of a new geopolitical arms race in the region.The new strategy is meant to combat Iran’s regional influence, with the aim of strengthening the United States, which is locked in a power […]

Why China’s pork diplomacy is getting a lot of attention

In China, you’ll rarely see a diplomatic panda, let alone one of the giant pandas.But when it comes to pandas, there’s a lot going on.Chinese state media is taking aim at Canada, New Zealand and Australia.The article goes on to highlight how China is working on its pandas’ protection.“We have the most aggressive policy on protecting the pandas and in […]

When to ask a foreign policy question

By Jonathan Landay The American public is beginning to recognize that the military-industrial complex is the real deal, with its own agenda of expanding American power and profits.The answer to this question, as with all such questions, may well be “yes.”The answer, as we now know, lies in the definition of a national security threat.What is a national threat?The term […]


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